Where I Work

My writing spot

It’s March 20, 2020 and the world has gone bonkers and me right along with it. I’m trying to keep it together for my kids, but honestly, this whole isolation thing SUCKS. Even for us introverts who would rather be home than anywhere else. So in the interest of focusing on ANYTHING besides the global pandemic and the resulting mental health fallout, I found a 20-day blogging challenge from Writer’s Write and I’m going to attempt to participate. It may seem stupid, but right now I’m hoping it will help keep me sane.

For Day 1, I’m supposed to post a photo of my workspace. For me, most of the time, I write on my laptop while sitting on my bed, in stolen quiet moments when the kids are occupied. Not ideal working conditions, but we do what we can, right? Sometimes I have more structured writing time, when the kiddos are in school, and I will move my laptop to my desk or my dining room table. At those times, I tend to be much more productive because there are fewer interruptions. But my bedroom is comfy and peaceful, so it lends itself to creativity and flow. I keep some favorite books nearby for inspiration/encouragement.

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