By Maggie Friedenberg

Leaving her marriage was the last thing anyone expected of Natalie, including her.

She and Ben had a perfect love story-high school best friends who fell in love and got married, dreaming of a family of their own. Years later, crushed by infertility and loss, Natalie faces the likelihood of never having a child. Consumed by grief and self-blame, frustrated by Ben’s fix-it attempts and a lack of empathy from family and friends, she takes off, shocking everyone.

And then she meets Richard. A few years older than Natalie, charming and handsome, his attention and flattery are captivating-but more than that, he understands the pain she’s carrying. No stranger to failure himself, Richard’s struggle with drugs and alcohol destroyed his own marriage. Now in recovery, he’s working to reconnect with his children and rebuild his life.

Each desperate to leave their mistakes behind, Natalie and Richard form an immediate connection. As their affection grows, their pain subsides. But when Natalie is forced to face the consequences of leaving, she must figure out what really matters-and how to break free from the holding pattern keeping her from it.