The problem with blogging

Once again, I have gotten into the habit of starting to write blog posts and then deciding a few paragraphs in that nobody wants to read what I have to say. Fiction is easier, in that respect. Telling a made-up story feels a lot less vulnerable than putting my real-life thoughts and insights out into internetland for anyone to see.

I started to write about faith/religion, how I was raised a certain way, walked away in the extreme opposite direction, and then came to a place somewhere in between that felt good for a little while, and now have stepped off the grid almost entirely. But does anyone really care? When it comes to religion, almost everyone I know seems secure in their beliefs and traditions, while I’m floating out here in outer space looking for a safe place to land (and realizing more and more that I belong out here in outer space.) Nobody in my real life wants to listen to me talk about it, so why would anyone read about it? Same thing when it comes to my journey with weight/body image stuff, or pretty much anything.

I’m a born questioner, a skeptic, an enthusiastic observer with insatiable curiosity about the things that interest me. And I want to write about these things, but every time I try, I get overwhelmed with self-doubt and this fear that what I say really doesn’t matter, to anyone. I mean, I can’t even get people to click “Like” on my Facebook posts.

Do other writers feel this way? Why do some seem so confident that others want to read their commentary? And what makes people read it? How do you get over yourself and just write?

Screaming into the void this morning…

4 thoughts on “The problem with blogging”

  1. I have similar concerns about blogging. Trying to decide what to share, in what fashion, and what the benefit or harm could be. As my blog has my name and is public, I also need to neuter for employment reasons. It makes me miss the relative privacy of MySpace!

    Overall, if you have something that matters to you, there will be someone who is also impacted. Write, my friend!

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  2. Every damn day. Seriously. Plus, there’s the whole Enneagram 4 aspect of this. The truth is, I thought (when I began to emerge and ask questions) that everyone around me had it all figured out too, re: their beliefs. What was wrong with me? How could I not fit into the TRUTH (what I’d had ground in to me) and how did these other very real aspects not find space there too?
    And then, then I began to realize lots of people, (strangers to each other) were in that same place. That same space. Same questions, or at least very similar…
    We are a part of an amazing time, spiritually. That sounds SO fundamental and revival like, doesn’t it?!?!? Hallelujah! But it’s true, because as other parts of life begin to move away from this patriarchal “way it’s always been done”, we can start to see things a little clearer.

    Also, my friend, I ADORE YOU and I’m always around to talk/listen about anything.

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